The Billionaire’s Classmate by Amanda Horton (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Billionaire’s Classmate by Amanda Horton – Free eBooks Download


Laurel is living her dream of cheerleading the hockey team at Northeastern University. Though all the boys drool every time she’s making moves, there is only one bad boy that beautiful Laurel craves, and thats Ben – hockey teams captain and the hottest skater she’s ever seen.

Ben Stokes is billionaire heir of Stokes Real Estate, and on the edge with his father who doesn’t want Ben to skate. Girls are crazy for Ben, but to him Laurel is just another cheerleader he can sleep with. But now, Laurel knows his biggest secret – one that can get him in a lot more trouble with his father.

Laurel and Ben strike a deal and start skating together, and in no time their skating sessions to turn into red hot romance. Laurel is falling in love, but Ben is just trying to pacify Laurel and protect his secret. Can Laurel’s love turn this relationship into the perfect college skating romance?

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