The Billionaire’s Bun In Her Oven by Ellie Rowe (ePUB)

billionaire's bun, ellie rowe

The Billionaire’s Bun In Her Oven (Skyscrapers and Stilettos #1) by Ellie Rowe – Free eBooks Download


I cooked this billionaire bad boy chef a meal.
And to thank me?
He left a bun in my oven…
What are the chances of an up and coming restaurant owner tangling with Stephen Longvale, the billionaire chef with the body of a god?
Honestly, slim to none. Especially after he just witnessed the epic fail that was my new restaurant on its opening night.
Except, there’s nothing about this situation that’s predictable. Especially not the goodbye kiss on the cheek that he left me with. I mean was it me or did it just last a little too long?
Now I’m asking myself if this is wrong?
Is it maybe too unprofessional?
Bigger question is…do I even care?
I know he says he’s going to save my restaurant from my arch nemesis, Nadia Quint, who is the reason it failed in the first place.
But right now, it feels like maybe he’s here to save me.
Because this goes way beyond money or fame.
This is hot. Red hot. And the fire in the kitchen is just getting started.

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