The Billionaire’s Belle by B. Love (ePUB)

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The Billionaire’s Belle by B. Love – Free eBooks Download


Cheyanne Taylor has seen and experienced the evil that comes from the love of money. She was born to parents who chased wealth and status more than they prioritized nurturing and loving her. Thankfully, her billionaire grandfather adopted her and provided the stable home she needed. After years of toxic relationships with men of wealth or who used her because of hers, Cheyanne decides to keep her identity hidden.
Chandler Jones is used to getting anything and anyone he wants—except Cheyanne. From the moment she started working as his executive assistant, she made it clear there would never be more between them than a professional relationship. The more he tries to impress her, the less his efforts mean to her. A trip out of the country becomes the perfect opportunity for Chandler to show Cheyanne just how much she means to him, and he hopes placing less of an emphasis on money and more on intentional actions and quality time will finally be the key to winning her heart.
When Cheyanne agrees to take things to the next level with Chandler, the truth of who she is comes to the surface, and the secret that she’s kept for years about her grandfather’s wealth unravels. Will Chandler prove he’s with her for her, or will he become yet another man who uses her to get closer to her grandfather and his empire?

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