The Billionaire’s Accidental Surrogate by R.A. Russell (ePUB)

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The Billionaire’s Accidental Surrogate by R.A. Russell – Free eBooks Download


Kayla McBride sat dejectedly as her fertility doctor explained how truly effed, she was. Bled dry by IVF treatments and a despicable con artist ex-husband, she believed things were finally changing for the better. At least she assumed they were when she saw those two blue lines.
Five months later, Kayla’s doctor was informing her that someone had accidentally inseminated her with the wrong donor sample. “Oh, btw you’re having triplets.” He says, Congratulations. As if things weren’t bad enough, in walks Prince Charming demanding she become his wife…
Gabriel Carmichael was an asshole, simply put. In fact, most of the women he slept with considered him to be the biggest bastard in New York. Then he learns he is about to become a father. In a blink of an eye, Gabriel’s entire life changed. Meeting Kayla McBride was just the icing on the cake. At least that’s what he believed until the very sexy Kayla bash him over the head with a baseball bat and ran with his stolen credit card. Who the hell was this lady, the soon- to-be-mother of his children or a freaking ninja?
But secrets always have a way of ruining any relationship, no matter how destined. Will love be enough or will love be the one thing that destroys them?

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