The Bigger They Are by Lily Collier (ePUB)

bigger they are, lily collier

The Bigger They Are by Lily Collier – Free eBooks Download


His arms are the size of tree trunks, and I can tell by the way he stares into my eyes that he could tear me limb from limb…
And right now, there’s no one in the world who can protect me like him.
When a blizzard sent a tree through my college home, I was sure my luck had finally run out. That was before I met Levi, the towering, intense repairman who came to patch up my roof. God, he’s rude, and he looks at me like he ownsme…
So why do I melt when I’m in front of him? And why can’t I take my eyes off of the rippling muscles in his arms as he hammers nails into my ceiling? If I could only see what’s going on in his head, maybe I could figure out why I feel this way.
I asked for a repair man, not a rough, muscle-bound hunk to smash into my life like the storm that started this whole mess!

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