The Beta’s Bride by Sarah Spade (ePUB)

beta's bride, sarah spade

The Beta’s Bride (Stolen Mates #2) by Sarah Spade – Free eBooks Download


‘Til death do they part…
Omegas are prized. I’ve always known that. Just like I grew up knowing that I would need a powerful mate to protect me.
I wasn’t worried. I had Bishop—my overprotective alpha brother—to watch out for me, and then I fell in love with his best friend, Weston. A beta wolf, he was high enough in the pack that he would be a good match. And he loved me, too.
I couldn’t choose anyone better.
Too bad it wasn’t my choice.
Three years ago, I discovered that I was fated to be the mate of the future Gravetail Alpha. Because of his rank, he couldn’t claim me as his until after he was installed as Alpha, but it didn’t matter. From the moment the Luna whispered my name to him, I was as good as promised to Rafael. With our alliance on the line, I had no choice.
And that meant I had to say goodbye to West.
Only… he didn’t take it too well. Even after the Luna blessed him with a fated mate of his own, he rejected Quinn Malone, even while I counted down the months until I’d finally have to leave Hickory.
It’s my duty. As the Omega, I don’t have the luxury of choosing my own mate like Quinn did, and as much as it hurts, it’s for the best when West finally becomes as cold and distant with me as he is with others.
I should’ve known better. After a five-year love affair, I should’ve known that meant he was up to something.
And when I wake up one morning in an unfamiliar den with a ring on my finger and a mark on my shoulder, I find out exactly what it is.
Weston Reed has stolen me from our pack, and he won’t let me go until I accept what he swears he’s always known: that, fate or no fate, we’re meant to be.

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