The Beta, Part Two by Avanne Michaels (ePUB)

beta 2, avanne michaels

The Beta, Part Two by Avanne Michaels – Free eBooks Download


Talia is trying to be who she is supposed to be.

After living with the Johnson pack for months, it seems like she finally has a place to call home…if she can hold herself together long enough to get back home to it. Waking up alone in a hospital room after risking her life for the omega she loves and his pack might prove to be more than she can handle. Jasper has her heart, and she has his, but Devon and the rest of the pack are a different matter.
Besides facing the trauma of her past and the uncertainty of her future, Talia must now face the traitors who tried to break her, and are trying to destroy everything she loves.
The question is will she have a pack to stand behind her, or will she have to do it alone?

Warning: This book contains intense and graphic physical and sexual situations that could be disturbing for some people. There is a more specific list everywhere I have presence. Please read with caution.

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  • The Beta, Part Two – Avanne Michaels ePUB



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