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best bad things, jay crownover

The Best Bad Things (A Point Companion Novel) by Jay Crownover – Free eBooks Download


Vesper Bell is a good girl. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling her.
She was the perfect daughter. A straight-A student. The very best friend. And an adoring potential girlfriend.
However, when her life took an unexpected detour into darkness, suffering, and betrayal, Vesper realized being good hadn’t gotten her anywhere. An enthralled audience watched her dramatic fall from grace and clearly wanted her to crash and burn. Those she once trusted the most made it no secret that they wanted her to lose everything…and she did.
But all those years of being such a goodie-two-shoes built Vesper some powerful cosmic karma. On her birthday, she begged for a second chance, an opportunity to right all the wrongs and undo all the bad things she was forced to endure. She made a wish, not knowing that sometimes they come true.
Now, right before her fall, she’s back at the beginning, and she has no plans to be a good girl anymore.
Lucky for her, she has the perfect person to teach her how to embrace her rebellious and daring side: a boy with candy-colored hair and eyes as dark as the night sky. They were born on the same day, but that is about all the two of them have in common.
Everything about him screams that he is a very bad boy, but Vesper sees the good in him.
He doesn’t seem to care if she’s perfect or pitiful. He keeps stepping in to save her and always makes her feel safe even when everything else feels uncertain. He feels real and honest when the rest of her life seems to be built on lies on top of more lies.
One thing Vesper knows to be absolutely true: the surprisingly sweet delinquent is the very best bad thing to ever happen to her.

Author’s note: Hi. This book is slightly different from my usual suspects…meaning it is a touch weird and wild. I know that, and I feel it is fair that everyone else also knows that going in. So, if you’re up for a bit of strange along with the sexy, this book is the one for you. 🙂

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