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beneath, roxanna c revell

The Beneath (Behind the Wall #1) by Roxanna C Revell – Free eBooks Download


It started with a law to punish those who had babies outside of wedlock. It was just supposed to be an orphanage, and yet it became a divide.
It became The Beneath.
The Beneath; the world behind the wall. The world where the orphans are sent, a world where you live by the rule of The Council, and a world you can never leave.
Eve and Adam are unique. The only orphans that are full blood siblings, and to Eve; there is nothing more important than keeping the brother she would give everything for, safe.
Noah Joyson is a fourth generation Founding Family Trueborn. He’s part of the ruling class, and he’s untouchable to everyone, except Eve.
Their love awakens something in them both. It’s passionate, it’s all consuming, it’s dark and it’s forbidden.
When Noah’s family discover their secret, they intervene and tear them apart, causing Noah to spiral into a reign of violence.
Drastic action is taken to regain control, and Eve is asked to do the unthinkable; the unbearable.
Desperate to keep those she loves safe; the line is drawn and the deal is made.
Only time will tell if the deal is kept.

This contains elements of dark romance with regards to consensual sexual acts. There is reference to suicide and rape but these acts are not committed.

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