The Bedroom is Mine by Jane Bonander (ePUB)

bedroom is mine, jane bonander

The Bedroom is Mine by Jane Bonander – Free eBooks Download


I know, I know, everyone today reads of dastardly dukes or errant lords who fall for a willowy young thing in previous centuries who makes them mend their ways. I get it. But here’s a story of two extraordinary people who have no titles and no mansions on the Isle of Britain. Just a cabin in the woods in beautiful Northern California. But wait! Whose cabin is it anyway?
That’s the problem here. Lily Sawyer, twice betrayed by a man, rents it assuming it’s empty.Ross Benedict, co owner along with his meddlesome sister, owns it, also assuming it’s empty until he enters his bedroom and is hit over the head with his own rifle.

So, whose bedroom is this?

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