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The Beast (Contemporary Romance #2) by Denise Daye – Free eBooks Download


He’s a cold-blooded killer, devilishly hot and wildly dangerous.
Most people would tell me I’m crazy. Most people would call him a monster and tell me to run. But in the broken world I live in, that’s the only sort of man a woman wants.
When he found me in a puddle of blood, at the mercy of my mobster husband’s thugs, I was ready to die. I just looked at him with empty eyes, giving him permission to keep walking and never glance back. But instead, he told me to look away and then took care of business. My nails dug into his steel-hard arms as he carried me to his car and declared I was now his.
Of course I knew who my dark knight was.

Andrei Kowtisch.
Feared assassin. Merciless beast. A man who fights fire with fire.
I guess that means it’s payback time, because nobody touches Andrei’s property. Unless you’re the most dangerous mobster on the East Coast who swore to get me back no matter the cost . . .

No cliffhangers, no cheating, and no menage.
Tropes: Mafia romance, antihero, dark romance, possessive alpha hero, spicy booktok recommendation, spicy romance, new adult romance, forced proximity

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