The Barren Sea by B. A. Lovejoy (ePUB)

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The Barren Sea (The Legends of Haldia #1) by B. A. Lovejoy – Free eBooks Download


There are rules that must not be broken.

Ones I have to follow if I wish to become a Navia, one of the girls sent to calm the tides in the name of the goddess Navka. The first rule is to protect my patron, even if the seas call him away and I will never see him again; it is my duty to make offerings to the goddess Navka and ask for her help in guiding him. The second rule is to not fall in love with my patron. The third rule is to honor Haldia above all else.
But my patron isn’t Haldian. He isn’t even human.
My patron is a mysterious mapmaker named Finn, a fae from the country of Whynne– one that doesn’t even believe in the goddess Navka. He’s been stranded since the border between our countries closed, faced with the possibility of death if he is discovered.
For Finn to get home will take nothing short of a miracle… Which comes in the unlikely form of a charming, charismatic pirate and his misfit crew looking for a Navia to guide them through the Barren Sea. Everyone knows that the Barren Sea is the most dangerous sea in the world and that few make it out alive. Even though I’m meant to keep Finn at a distance, I find myself willing to risk everything to save him.
Even if it means turning my back on everything I’ve ever known.

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