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The Barrel House Series by Shari J. Ryan – Free eBooks Download


The Barrel House Series Boxed Set includes Books 1-4. With over 1k emotion-packed pages, each character will share their true-to-life stories, but as their lives weave together, the big picture will keep you flipping through each page until the end.

Melody Quinn’s life changed within a single breath. The phone rang and her world was destroyed. She hardly remembered packing and barely recalled booking a flight. Even so, fate interceded in her moment of sorrow as she sat on a plane, shoulder to shoulder with a face from her past. Brett Pearson. Time was kind to Melody’s teenage crush, who matured into a strikingly handsome ex-Marine. 

Along with losing her father, Melody is responsible for tending to her dad’s beloved distillery along with her sister, Journey. After doing everything possible to keep the family’s business intact, Melody’s lack of experience has her stopping at the crossroads.

Familiar with the barrel business, Brett generously agreed to teach Melody the basics of bourbon. Between his kind offer and the enticing curve of his lips, the chance to be near him made Melody’s pulse race. The only solace she could find for her grieving heart were the moments she could steal away with Brett.

Journey Quinn, Melody’s older sister are opposites in every imaginable way. Journey views life through a distinct set of lenses—different than most, and everyone assumes she is the strong one of the two sisters when she is secretly the weakest. Journey acts passionate, though appears to hate the world around her, and she tends to laugh when dealing with the worst kinds of pain.

No one knows her truth until Brody Pearson steps back into her life—an old crush; the worst and best memory from inside a utility closet. She didn’t expect to see him again, but now that she is face-to-face with him, Journey is ready to come clean and let him know about the tragedy he unknowingly took part in. The sparks are still there, and it would be easy to succumb to emotions, but Journey’s permanent scars from the past can’t stay behind as just another memory. Her past has determined her future.

Brett Pearson knew his heart was in trouble after one kiss with Melody. Her lips forever lingered on his as if tattooed there. All through high school Brett loved Melody from afar. But in a cruel twist of fate, she waited until right before Brett left for boot camp to confess her mutual feelings. In that tender moment, they shared a kiss that branded her name onto his heart. Despite intense training, deployments, and life-altering tragedies, never once did she leave his thoughts.

Years later, when an unexpected tragedy hits Melody’s family, the two find each other again. Brett can’t help but wonder if a second chance is possible. Reconnecting won’t be easy. His life has changed in ways Melody may never accept. But the spark that has always been between them explodes into an electrifying jolt every time she looks his way. The timing is horrible, but he’s willing to bear the risk. She needs to know no matter how stormy the Bourbon Nights might become; he will never walk away from her again.

Brody Pearson is Brett’s older brother and known as the “black sheep” of his family, but there is an unknown truth behind every assumption. As a teenager, Brody had this friend. The friend needed Brody in a way that would forever impact his view of life.

 As the years went by, Brody found himself drawn to those with pain in their eyes, wanting to ease their anguish with a smile or a joke. That was what first lured him to Journey Quinn.

 Brody quickly learned Journey bristled at even the suggestion of her vulnerability. The two may be incompatible, but Brody revels in fighting for Journey’s attention. This fiery beauty is worth his wait, and Brody is playing the long game. Can he convince her they belong together? Or will he be the one left hiding the burden of his pain behind a smile again?

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