The Bad Boys of Assjacket by Robyn Peterman (ePUB)

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The Bad Boys of Assjacket (Magic and Mayhem #9) by Robyn Peterman – Free eBooks Download


A dare is a dare.

No self-respecting, slightly chubby, good-lookin’, crime lovin’ cat would ever pass up a dare.
So I didn’t.

Now, me and my boys are in hot water trying to figure out how to live on the right side of the law for a whole freakin’ week!

This is complicated by a couple of hairy issues…
— The half-headed bear in town had his privates pilfered. We have vowed to return his giggleberries. Legal means are not working.
— Sassy’s Canadian tutors show up—the very same furry, cat-burgling dames who we’ve been in love with our entire nine lives. In order to woo the gorgeous broads, we need to be at our criminal best.
— We need the help of a foul-mouthed troll who throws tantrums like a three-year-old serial killer and wants to bump off everyone.

Throw in a cryptic message from the Goddess, humans invading our town and evil, sticky-fingered groundhogs, and we have a hot mess on our paws.
I hope we have a few of our kitty lives left because the Bad Boys of Assjacket are going to save the day or get eighty-sixed trying.

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