The Backstage Series by Dani René (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Backstage Series Box Set by Dani René – Free eBooks Download


All three books in the series in one box set which includes new exclusive scenes that will only be available in the box set for a limited time.

Between Love & Fire:

Between love and fire,

This is what you wanted

Shattered pieces of you and I

You walk away and tear me down

Between goodbye and hello

Going back stage with Callum Hayes and his Petal, Tayla Quinn, we see how the lead singer of Hunters in Oblivion handles this feisty blonde. Will they find their forever? Or will the secrets keep them apart?

Between Lust & Tears:

Our heartbeats, the rhythm
Our bodies, the song
Our love, the lyrics
And between lust & tears,
I’ll love you forever

Liam Hayes hasn’t wanted or needed love. This bad boy drummer has a dark past that holds him back. Will the sweet Emma Quinn break through those walls he’s built up? Or will his past force her to run the other way?

Between Want & Fear:

I need you more,
No more what ifs,
No more another time,
Because it’s ours,
Between want and fear
You’re mine now

It’s been ten years. Ryan Callahan has wanted Kierra for as long as he can remember, but she’s always friend zoned him. She has her reasons, fears that hold her back. Will Ryan accept her once he learns what they are? Or will he finally let go of the beauty?

*These stories are for mature audiences only. Contains explicit scenes intended for adults 18+

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