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The Baby Pact by Sophia Gray – Free eBooks Download


We made a deal with one small catch: I had to bear his baby.
I wanted an escape.
He wanted a baby.
What other choice did I have?

I live in a wicked, vicious world.
Full of liars and killers.
I’m a prisoner here – and I want out.

But how?

My father would kill me if I ever disobeyed him.
I need a man who could stand up to him.
An ally.
A partner.
A hero.

I thought Hammer would be that man.

But I was so, so wrong.

All along, I was just a pawn in his plan.
He didn’t want to help me.
He wanted to own me.

Not just for one kiss, or one night.
He wanted my body for nine months.
I should’ve never signed this deal with the devil.

THE BABY PACT is a full-length, standalone, bad boy baby heist romance. Includes additional bonus content so you can keep on reading ’til you’ve had your fill of hot sex, thrilling action, and HEAs that will melt your heart!

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