The Alphas’ Baby Mama by Kate Richards (ePUB)

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The Alphas’ Baby Mama (Triple L Ranch Shifters #1) by Kate Richards – Free eBooks Download


A woman’s wedding day should not be cause for desperation. Or escape.

But most women have a say in their future partner for life. They do not have an alpha who is willing to trade them for a little extra land for the pack and some favors to be named later. They mate for love. Or companionship. Or whatever suits them. Oh, and they usually know about it in advance.
But women in our pack are nothing more than assets to be used as it pleases the alpha. And his stepdaughter is no different. If my mother had lived, I like to think she would have stepped in, but she died giving birth to my little brother. A sweet kid, and only member of our family I hate leaving behind when I dart into the woods, never planning to return. With no destination in mind, I run for three days and nights, stopping only to drink water and once to hunt some small prey. I have to get as far as I can because they are tracking me. And when they find me, marriage will be the least of my punishments.
My mate, Agostino and I have almost everything we needed for a perfect life. As alphas of the Triple L Ranch Shifter pack, we control some of the best territory in the state, and, even better, we’ve found our fated mates in each other. We lack only one thing, a baby to love and to be our heir. The little female who shows up at our door bedraggled and unwilling to say where she came from needs a safe place to rest, but we never would asked her to be our baby mama, if she didn’t offer.
Everything about these males is different from the world I came from. They saved me, and even though I know they are a mated couple and will never care for me as I have come to for them, I want to do this for them. It’s the only way I can be sure a baby of mine will have the best family to grow up in. So different from mine.
If only there were room in that family for me, too.

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