The Alpha Wolf Defying Fate by Waverly Sage (ePUB)

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The Alpha Wolf Defying Fate (Fated Bonds #9) by Waverly Sage – Free eBooks Download


The Fates have betrayed me.
As the Alpha heiress, a dire prophecy was given to me.
Ayden Fairchild, the alpha heir, would bring about my demise and that of everyone I love.

Now, standing face to face with my destined enemy,
I’m consumed by a desire so powerful,
It threatens to destroy everything I’ve sworn to protect.

Ayden is the one man I can never allow myself to love.
His very presence is a blight upon our world, a harbinger of chaos and ruin.
Yet, every time his smoldering gaze meets mine, my wolf howls to submit,
To give in to the scorching bond that ties us together.
I should hate him.
I need to resist him.
But with each passing moment,
The fight to deny this mating grows harder.
The Fates have bound our souls,
Ensnaring us in a web of forbidden passion.
Now, we must navigate the treacherous Forgotten Realm,
And try to unravel the deadly secrets before they destroy us both.
Can I save my fated mate without breaking my heart?

Content Advisory: This book contains mature themes and content, including intimate romantic scenes, strong language, and suspenseful sequences involving fantasy violence between shapeshifting characters. Reader discretion is advised.

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