The Alien’s Mail-Order Bride by Ruby Dixon (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

the alien's mail-order bride, ruby dixon, epub, pdf, mobi, download

The Alien’s Mail-Order Bride (Mail-Order Brides #1) by Ruby Dixon – Free eBooks Download


Though still carrying the scars of his past as an intergalactic soldier, Emvor doesn’t mind the quiet of his chosen life as a farmer. He doesn’t even mind that most nights are lonely on remote Cassa, but he does need help around his farm. A mail-order bride from his homeworld seems like the perfect solution. She’ll be a tall, sturdy female to help with the chores and bear his children.

Unfortunately, the person that arrives is Nicola. She’s small, delicate…and human. She also knows nothing about farming, and she’s lied and deceived her way across the galaxy to get to Cassa so she can hide from those that would capture her. She’s a problem, and also the most enticing thing he’s ever seen.

Now Emvor has to decide…can he keep the woman who’s nothing like what he asked for but is everything he needs?

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