The Alien’s Equal by Ella Maven (ePUB)

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The Alien’s Equal (Drixonian Warriors #7) by Ella Maven – Free eBooks Download


He’s done waiting… and is ready to claim his mate.

Justine: Alien planet life isn’t so bad. I’ve taken a vow of celibacy so the perfect male specimens walking around with their bulging muscles and other…bulges…don’t do it for me. I’m content to live my life and avoid the one male with the soft voice and all-knowing eyes who has me rethinking that vow.
But our peaceful existence is threatened by enemies who want to use my human friends and I as nothing but breeders. I spent too long without control of my life to sit back on the sidelines during an alien war where my friends and I are the spoils. I’m slapping on warpaint and suiting up alongside my alien saviors. No one controls my destiny but me.

Nero: Justine is mine—I knew it the moment I met her. But she requires patience and a gentle touch. I can’t rush this, or I’ll never win her over. But as war looms, I realize I might have waited too long. My role is crucial to ensuring the Drixonian’s complete freedom from the exploitative Uldani, and it’s a mission I might not return from.
Even worse news? Justine insists on fighting at my side. What she doesn’t know is that my patience has come to an end. By the time I’m through, she’ll beg me to claim her.

The Alien’s Equal is a full-length Sci-Fi Romance novel featuring a stubborn heroine with a fighter’s determination and an obsessed alien who’s losing his patience waiting for the mate of his dreams.

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