The Alien Tyrant’s Conquest by Bella Blair (ePUB)

alien tyrant's conquest, bella blair

The Alien Tyrant’s Conquest (Intergalactic Alliance #7) by Bella Blair – Free eBooks Download


I can offer her a queenship, but not my heart, still, I need her to be MINE.

AUDRA: I knew pissing my boss off was a bad idea. But I didn’t know how bad until I am sent to The Tribulations to become fodder for the contestants. Resigned to my fate, I can hardly believe it when this golden god appears from out of nowhere to save me.
Our attraction is mutual and when he offers to make me his queen, I am very tempted. I only hope he doesn’t expect me to fall in love with him, because that is the one emotion, I am incapable of.

BRONDYK: I knew owing Aggamont was a bad idea and when he sends me to steal a contestant from The Tribulations right under the pirates’ noses, I realize just how bad of a mistake I made.
Until I lay eyes on HER. The most beautiful female I have ever seen. And I won’t stop at anything to make her MINE. I only hope she doesn’t expect love in return, because my ice-cold heart is incapable of that emotion.

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