The Actor and His Secret by Ben Alderson (ePUB)

actor and secret ben alderson

The Actor and His Secret by Ben Alderson, Laura R. Samotin – Free eBooks Download


One GRUMPY millionaire movie star, one SUNSHINE book publicist, one disastrous film premiere and a one-night stand that will change their lives forever.

Oliver Cane works for one of London’s hottest new publishers. He has his dream job and his dream man—until he comes home one day to find his boyfriend buried five inches deep in someone else. Heartbroken, Oli throws himself into work, preparing for the movie release of a book adaptation for one of his lead titles. The perfect distraction from his heartache comes in the form of a handsome man having a breakdown in the toilets at the film’s premiere. The two of them comfort each other and then make a deal—one night of anonymity and passion as they lose themselves in each other. But all it takes is a single night for Oli’s life to change, when he discovers that the mysterious man he nicknamed Adonis is actually Nikos Ridge, the mega-star of the movie that Oli’s helped to promote.

Nikos Ridge’s demons have followed him since he was eighteen years old. Chased by the past that he can never escape from and drowning in depression, addiction, and anxiety, Nikos finds himself seeking comfort in a cute British boy. All is fun and games until his demons return, using his new ‘dirty little secret’ as a means to blackmail Nikos for everything he has worked hard to obtain. Lies become tangled, and secrets blur his reality. Nikos is forced to face the past if he wants a future—but the universe has other plans for him. Ones that could ruin his life entirely.

Oli and Nikos are brought together by secrets, and then torn apart by them too, as they try and navigate a world that will never let them be together—and the sense that they’re both falling in love for each other even as it’s not meant to be.

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