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accidental wife, shayla hart

The Accidental Wife by Shayla Hart – Free eBooks Download


“You’ve given me a taste of you, and now…I want more.”
Tristan Cole

Fall in love? Never again.

It’s not for me. I tried it once and had my heart broken when my girlfriend left me because I wasn’t ready for marriage. I’ve been single for almost a year now and happier for it. I decided to pour all my energy into my career without the headache of balancing a relationship simultaneously, and it was paying off. I was more focused than ever. The string of meaningless flings I had going suited me and my current lifestyle just fine.
Until I went out drinking one night and met her. The raven-haired goddess in the red mini dress with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen that unravelled me the moment I set my eyes on her from across the room.

Like a moth to a flame, she was the hottest kind of fire, and fucking hell, I wanted nothing more than to spend the night burning in it.


I don’t do one-night stands. I have nothing against them; I’ve just never had the confidence to ever go through with one. I’ve always been a relationship girl. I love having a boyfriend I can do fun and random stuff with. However, after my last heartbreak, I wasn’t favourable towards relationships now either. So, to hell with it. It’s been two years, what’s a girl to do? I decided for once in my life to jump out of my comfort zone, step out of the role of dutiful daughter and have a little fun.

That decision led me into having a wild and passionate night with a sinfully handsome stranger I met in the club. The next morning, I wake up in a bed that’s not my own, in a different country and with a hangover so severe I can barely remember my name. Oh, and a diamond ring on my finger the size of my fist to go nicely with the marriage certificate displaying both our names and signatures.

Bloody hell, the one time I do something reckless, I only go and accidentally became a hot billionaire’s wife…

A tale of true love in its most real and rawest form.

Might want to buckle up because this book will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions you’ll never want to end. You’ll experience every emotion right along with the characters as though you’re right there living it with them.

Please be warned that reading this book may come with severe side effects that may include but not limited too, excessive swooning, obsession and emotional outbursts.

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