Thank you, Christmas! by ChaShiree M. (ePUB)

thank you christmas, chashiree m

Thank you, Christmas! (Holiday Love #1) by ChaShiree M. – Free eBooks Download


Jamison Mack was my fantasy since I was 16 years old. I call him a fantasy because there is never a chance he would notice me. It’s ok. The short small glimpses I get of him, are enough. They have to be. Right? A nobody foster kid like me has nothing to give or offer. Not to mention, the time of year I see him is only on Christmas when he is volunteering at the kitchen of the foster home I have been in for the past few years and me and Christmas…yea..we are not friends. So why is he here right now telling me it is time to come home with him? Why are his eyes eating me from the outside in making me feel things I didn’t know I can feel? I want to go with him. I want to follow him wherever he goes. But can I trust that this Christmas, I might find happiness and not heartbreak?

It’s time. It’s finally time for me to claim my Christmas Angel and bring her home. To our home. I have waited for her for what feels like forever. Being only blessed with her beauty during the one day a year, when I go to Lahn Community Center to serve in the soup kitchen for the day. Her beauty and innocence got my attention. But it was her sadness and lonliness that wrapped me in her orbit and wouldn’t let me go. I spent these three years preparing for this moment. Now that it is here, i can barely contain myself. Will my Angel trust me enough to come with me? Or will she be too scared to follow me into our future?

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