Texting My Dad’s Best Friend by Flora Ferrari (ePUB)

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Texting My Dad’s Best Friend by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


I almost kissed my dad’s best friend at my eighteenth birthday party.
Banner Barret is thirty-nine years old and six feet two inches of pure muscle, with intense eyes and the sort of confidence most men could only dream of.
It was a mistake, and I get that. He only did it – almost did it – because he was drunk.
But now it’s a year later, and dad’s getting married in a tropical island paradise. Banner’s going to be there as the best man, taking a break from his work overseas.
I know nothing can ever happen.
I’m nineteen, obsessed with dogs, and not exactly the come-get-me type. Oh, and I’m a virgin.
But the first night I arrive, everything changes.
I find myself alone with Banner.
“I wasn’t drunk. That was a lie. I just knew it would be wrong. But I can’t hold back anymore. I need you, Brooke.”
When he kisses me, it feels magical. It feels like the start of something.
But we can’t ruin dad’s wedding. We can’t make it about us.
So we make a deal.
Using the phones the travel company provides, we’ll text each other.
Just text. Nothing more.
But as the long weekend progresses and the texting becomes steamier and more intimate, it becomes more and more difficult to resist the real thing….

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