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testing limits, emma creed

Testing Limits (Corrupt Cowboys #3) by Emma Creed – Free eBooks Download


Join these dark, dirty, and corrupt cowboys on the Carson’s ranch.
Where boundaries are pushed,
laws are broken and limits get tested…

Life on the Carson Ranch is never boring.
We have secrets to unearth and scores to settle.
What I’m about to do is gonna cause us a whole heap of fresh trouble.
The Masons are my family’s biggest rivals.
They play dirty and don’t like to lose.
I will not let the girl I’ve loved my whole life marry into their family.
Leia Walker is as stubborn as she is pretty.
To her, I’m just a friend, but for me she’s the end game.
I’ve waited too long to tell her how I feel, and now with time running out
I have to prove to her that I’m not scared of testing her limits.

Testing Limits is Book 3 in the Corrupt Cowboys Series and Part 1 of Wade and Leia’s duet.
Testing Limits and all books in the Corrupt Cowboys series are a work of fiction and contain adult content. Due to the nature of the series you should expect to come across various subject matter that some readers may find disturbing, and it is intended for readers 18+

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