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Tentacles and Tea by Toby Wise – Free eBooks Download


Why is dating with eight extra appendages so hard?

Jonas is an author in need of inspiration. After months of writer’s block, the octopus shifter finds himself being talked into a vacation to blow the cobwebs away. Stumbling onto a perfect little tea shop feels like fate, especially when he meets York, the supernatural owner who’s better than any protagonist Jonas could create.
York hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to relationships. After constantly being told he’s too much, he’s not expecting to find the love he dreams about. But York hasn’t counted on fate delivering an author straight to his doorstep, one who could give York the chance to write his own happily ever after.
But with pheromones at play, things are more complicated than they seem. Can Jonas and York puzzle their way through to find the love they deserve?

This book was released in the Tentacle Tales Anthology and is now being released on its own.

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