Tender Mercies by Jessie Gussman (ePUB)

tender mercies, jessie gussman

Tender Mercies (Blueberry Beach #8) by Jessie Gussman – Free eBooks Download


Can someone over fifty still find their soulmate?

Bev became a successful business woman, designing her own line of spandex undergarments for plus sized women and amassing a fortune as the company grew to a multibillion dollar international conglomerate.
If she hadn’t lost her baby and broken up with her boyfriend when she was fifteen, none of her financial success would have ever happened.
She really doesn’t regret leaving Blueberry Beach and becoming successful. As long as she avoids Bill, the older man whom she’d loved as a teen and the father of her baby.
Bill had never been ambitious and was content to stay in Blueberry Beach and run the surf shop, looking for ways to help his fellow business owners and dispensing wisdom learned from over five decades of living.
He’d been shocked when he found out Bev’s age years ago, but he still believed she was his soulmate. Unfortunately, when their baby died, her love for him died, too, and she’d dumped him hard.
He’d married, had children, divorced and wondered if there really was such a thing as a soul mate.
Then, a long held secret from one of the town’s pillars is disclosed and directly affects Bill and Bev, destroying everything they thought they believed.
Could they possibly find their soulmates – and a family – in the ashes of their lives?

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