Tempting Zak by Debra Elise (ePUB)

tempting zak, debra elise

Tempting Zak (Rescued By Love #3) by Debra Elise – Free eBooks Download


Whose tempting whom?

Zak Carter’s thirty-five and ready to put down roots.
Harlow Kingston’s almost thirty and chose career over happily-ever-after a long time ago.
Once upon a summer nine years ago…Their hot and heavy fling ended when she declared her love, and he bolted to finish his tour of duty. She carried on with a broken heart…a heart that never quite healed. He built an empire; but never forget her.
Now he’s back in town and Harlowe’s boss’ boss reassigns her (without asking, mind you) to work with him after Zak’s company is hired to take over private security for high-profile employees.
Their attraction was off the charts all those years ago. And now? Combustible, unavoidable, and potentially unsustainable.
Gifted with a second chance…
A twisted turn of fate she never pined for…well, maybe. Does she take it and make his life He–, Uhm, really unfun? Or does she sacrifice the hard work she put in to achieve her goals and walk away?
“I always wondered if I ever took up space in your mind on a quiet Sunday, or ever?” ~ Zak
“What if I never got over him?” ~ Harlowe

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