Tempting Betrayal by Tanny Cie (ePUB)

tempting betrayal, tanny cie

Tempting Betrayal (Edinburgh Secret #3) by Tanny Cie – Free eBooks Download


Whoever said choosing between your job and your heart was easy was lying.

The lines have begun to blur after saving James Archer from an assassination attempt at Labyrinth Tech Inc. My mission to spy on him and gather evidence to bring his empire down is not so simple anymore. I desperately want him, and he makes me lose sight of what I have been hired to do.
Get the job done as quickly as possible. Get paid and move on. That was all I could do as the Serpent.
But James is an easy target to fall for. Unlike any other man I have met before, he makes me feel things I have never imagined. And he lets me in, sharing a part of himself he doesn’t show the rest of the world.
As a widower and a single father, there is more to James than meets the eye. He is not like all those other ruthless businessmen I enjoy bringing to their knees.
But my employers are growing restless, tired of waiting for me to give them the evidence they’re looking for.
The choice is simple—my mission or James—but how can I choose when my heart hangs in the balance?

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