Tempted By Demons by Aurelia Skye (ePUB)

tempted demons, aurelia skye

Tempted By Demons (Sanctimalus #1) by Aurelia Skye – Free eBooks Download


Abby wakes in a forest with no idea how she got there and no memory. Three tempting men rescue her, but she soon learns they’re demons…and she’s an angel, albeit with a damaged essence and burned-off wings. Angels and demons alike are hunting her, but she has no idea why. Unless she and the men bond in an intimate way that will heal her essence, she might never remember.

Dante, the youngest of the demons, is ready to claim her as his mate. Brax, the de facto leader, has some hesitations, not wanting to get drawn back into the demon war to reclaim Caelum from the angels. Mal is the most reluctant, having lost a human wife to angels long ago. He knows they can’t be trusted, and he never wants to love like that again. Yet, when he looks at Abby, he’s tempted to let himself fall. Abby is captivated by each of them, but she fears the danger stalking her will spill over to them. Can she allow herself to be tempted by demons?

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