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temporary high, la hudson

Temporary High (The Friend-Zone #1) by L.A Hudson – Free eBooks Download


The first time I laid eyes on Sebastian Wentworth, was burnt into my memories like a photograph.
Then I did one of the worse things I ever could have done.
I began dating his brother.
That was three years ago, and even though I forced myself to ignore anything and everything other than friendship when it came to Sebastian, there would always be something between us. Even when I didn’t realize it.
Naively I always thought I would live my life without regrets, however sitting alone in a bar clutching a bottle of my favorite tequila, all I could do was think of those regrets I had to live with. There were four I would come to regret the most since moving to Manhattan.
1• Putting myself into credit card debt when I was in college and kind of forgetting that the money had to be paid back.
2• Agreeing to go on that first date with my now ex-boyfriend.
3• Coming home from Connecticut unannounced to the apartment I had shared with that now ex-boyfriend and walking in on a complete and utter horror show.
4• Putting Sebastian Wentworth into the friend zone on my first day at my new job three years ago.
Out of those four regrets, there was only one that I would change if I could.
Was it possible to get out of the friend zone?

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