Tell Me What You Crave by Susan Sheehey (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

tell me what you crave, susan sheehey, epub, pdf, mobi, download

Tell Me What You Crave (Knights of Texas #2) by Susan Sheehey – Free eBooks Download


Knights of Texas
Welcome to the Knights of Texas.
These noble protectors of pleasure bring their expertise and determination to showing a woman her true worth. Revealing a woman’s value is their devoted mission, and these southern charmers can all but guarantee kindling a woman’s heart.

He thrives on temptation.

Dorian West is the living embodiment of dark suave and charm, a role he relishes with the Knights of Texas—a luxury male escort agency. He’s determined to make every client feel her value, and enjoy life through seduction and vibrance. But despite his life of pleasure and showing women a good time, his true fascination is his neighbor, the captivating woman in 9C, Grace Evans.
Grace’s sole focus is her job, and she avoids romantic connections at all costs. Her distaste for Don Juans and Casanovas makes her distrust all flirtatious men, despite Dorian’s persistence and enticing, muscular physique. Through chance and misunderstanding, she begrudgingly agrees to pretend to date Dorian to avoid the acidic limelight from her celebrity friend.
But things go from chaos to catastrophe in the flash of a camera, and Dorian’s charm and talents are tested beyond its limits.

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