Teeth and Wings by Kendra Moreno (ePUB)

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Teeth and Wings (Race Games #2) by Kendra Moreno – Free eBooks Download


Cricket Snapdragon knows her worth, but her family thinks she’s nothing more than a useless ornament, only good for furthering the bloodline. Her father wants her to marry, but Cricket is determined to show them all and enters the Race Games under a pseudonym. She hopes to bring her own glory to the Snapdragon family. There’s just one problem…

No fae would dare go against her father, and she needs a teammate.

When she finds out Radley Whiteclaw, the alpha of the local wolf clan, owes her family a debt that must be paid, she seizes the opportunity. He can’t say no, despite being annoyed by Cricket’s chipper attitude, and so they find themselves immersed in a world neither is prepared for.

After the vampires won the Blood Rite, things are changing. New light has been shed on the corruption in the Games and Cricket never realized the chess pieces in play until she finds herself in the midst of it. She can’t back out now, not with the family name on the line, but if she’s not careful, her life won’t be the only thing she loses in the race. With Radley’s own story being unveiled and the way he’s starting to look at her, Cricket realizes nothing is what it seems.

But all it takes is a single checkered flag to change everything. They just have to survive the Games first. . .

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