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Teaching His Virgin (Club Lush #6) by Jamie Knight – Free eBooks Download


She wants me to teach her my ways.
But she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.
I’m a celebrity who has become rich because of my work.
I can have any woman I want, and often do.
At Club Lush, I like to indulge in my unique preferences.
And I’m known as a master of my craft.
When I see Britney here, I know I want to claim her.
Inexperienced and innocent, she wandered in by mistake.
She’s a student of fashion design.
And she just wants to check out all the outfits.
But I want to check out what’s underneath hers.
She’s so naïve that she doesn’t even know who I am.
And then she makes the mistake of criticizing me.
At that point, I have to show her who’s in charge.
Once she learns who I am, she wants to understand my work.
Maybe some red, stinging welts will help her get closer to it.
I’ll teach her what true creativity is like.
And with my discipline, she’ll learn to do what I want.
Soon, she’ll be begging to stay in my world for good.
But am I prepared for wanting to be a part of hers?

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