Teaching Her Billionaire Cowboy Rookie by April Murdock (ePUB)

teaching billionaire cowboy, april murdock

Teaching Her Billionaire Cowboy Rookie (Billionaire Ranchers #6) by April Murdock – Free eBooks Download


Penny Taylor has lived on the ranch with her parents all her life. Ranch life was perfect for her. It was all she knew and that was just fine with her. The Bolton ranch was beside them and she’d grown up enjoying the close family-like relationship they shared. A true romantic with a sassy nature, the only thing that would make her life better was to fall in love.
Ty Langston just left the army and he needs a place to land. Before he does, he has one loose end to tie up. A favor for an army buddy leads him to Bolton Farms. Once he leaves there he’ll make his way to the next place he’ll call home for as long as he can make it work.
Rough around the edges with a chip on his shoulder, Ty isn’t interested in explaining anything when he’s accused of trespassing. Penny sees right through his tough talk and her heart immediately softens. Something inside her needs to find out more about him even though he’s dead set on getting out of there. But luck is on her side because he can’t walk away until his friend has settled his issue.
When Bolton Farms turns out to be the place Ty uses as a stop over, Penny is full of joy. Is he the man she’ll fall head over heels for? And will he be able to accept that Penny just might be the very thing he’ll need for the rest of his life?

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