Tavin’s Blood Moon by Cyndi Faria (ePUB)

tavin's blood moon, cyndi faria

Tavin’s Blood Moon (Timber Cove Wolves MC #3) by Cyndi Faria – Free eBooks Download


A rogue she-wolf with dark secrets. Secrets her true mate pledges will never hurt her again.

Kayla Doe
I’m a shifter. I’ve seen them, watched them from afar. Yearned to be with them.
I never imagined I’d get my wish. My first shift was magical.
Until my human parents discovered me.
The fear in their eyes told me everything I needed to know. I was a mutant.
They threw me away after that. Sold me off like I was an animal. A monster.
I didn’t think I’d survive. But I fought my way out and I ran. Harder than ever before.
I made a new life for myself. I became a nurse.
I was around others like me. I was safe.
Or so I thought.

Tavin Ruslor
The last thing I see in my future is protecting a rogue she-wolf.
But here I am. Fighting off her attacker. Winding up in the hospital without even a thanks.
Then in walks Nurse Kayla Doe.
The ungrateful she-wolf.
With one look in my direction, I’m slammed with understanding. Understanding you only find in your true mate.
And I’ll be damned if her secrets touch her again.
She’s mine.

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