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tavin, cee bowerman

Tavin (Conner Brothers Construction #6) by Cee Bowerman – Free eBooks Download


Tavin and London have been together for a while now, but life and responsibilities are tearing them apart.
With London traveling all over the world for her career, and Tavin stuck in Rojo, Texas for his, the two of them have to make do with precious few stolen moments leaving both of them wanting more.
London starts to doubt the life choices she’s made and knows she can’t be happy so far away from home. Is it too late for her and Tavin to salvage their relationship?
Tavin can’t leave his family to follow the woman he loves, and life at home without her has started to wear on his patience and make him question the plans he had laid out for his future.
Follow Tavin and London as they find their way back to each other and weather the stress, uncertainty, and danger that comes with the choices they make in the fifth book of the Conner Brothers Construction series.

**This book is shorter than the other stories in this series. Although it is the full story of Tavin and London that readers have been waiting for, and their story needed to be told, it’s not quite as long as the other books that are available. For that reason, I’m releasing it at a lower price point in both the digital and printed version. I hope you enjoy their story and another trip to Rojo to catch up on the family we’ve all grown to love.**

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