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tattooed sweetness, katlyn s coen

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People say: opposites attract. But are diametrical poles strong enough to overcome the past’s scars?

Young, conservative business consultant Celine heads for her late appointment—and hilariously runs into an outrageously adorable hunk. When she gets him a replacement for his soaked turtleneck, the heavily inked man, who doesn’t fit into the small southern german town by any means, turns out to be her client: tattoo artist Philipp.
Philipp: Of course, I know how people like you see me. Do you think I am fucking stupid? Short, shaved hair, full-body tattooed, always a curse on my lips. You eye my body modifications, and you see an outlaw. Why else would someone ink every square inch of his skin?
You literally could not be more wrong. But, what if it were the kinder option? Thereupon you say nothing.
So being occupied with running my business and practicing my art, I am turning my dream into a reality.
And it is precisely on the last point that a sweetness as innocent as she is pure-skinned crosses my plans.
Celine: Degree achieved—check. Started my first job—check. Now I only must successfully complete my first customer appointment.
Then the realization of what I long for most will come closer: a real family of my own. Husband, house, and children—to close that black hole in my past.
But now the client turns out to be not only abundantly tattooed and equipped with an excess of smugness, but also irritating charisma: exotic, masculine, and dangerous.
I should keep him at a distance and my well-ordered strategy in mind. Right?
Oh my God. I don’t think it will work out. Because I can’t get this man out of my head.

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