Tasty Temptation by Skyler Snow (ePUB)

tasty temptation, skyler snow

Tasty Temptation (Valleywood #9) by Skyler Snow – Free eBooks Download


An alpha looking for peace. An omega who wants so much more…

Eli: I’ve been the talk of the town since I was a kid. Fame, fortune, the spotlight, that’s the norm for me. But no one tells you celebrity comes with major pitfalls. Like not getting close to anyone. Or attracting the attention of a certain psycho who won’t leave you alone. I just want to act, go home, and be by myself. But my parents are determined to be a thorn in my side. And that throne is named Brice Wilson. He might be a chef, but he has a backbone made of steel. I shouldn’t be attracted to this alpha, but every time he comes around I’m stuck. Too bad the man gets on my last damn nerve.
Brice: This is the chance I need to get ahead. An ex-convict and world-class screwup, my options are limited. Thank Goddess for my cousin doctoring up my papers and making me out to be a perfect little chef. There’s just one thing he failed to mention: the pampered princess known as Eli Vega. I don’t do well with brats and this omega takes the freakin’ cake. My wolf thinks this is our mate, but I want nothing to do with the man. Too bad fate has other plans.

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