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tanner, nicola jane

Tanner (The Splintered Hearts MC #3) by Nicola Jane – Free eBooks Download


What do you do when the one person you’ve loved since you were seventeen years old breaks your heart?

Brook and Tanner have been a thing their entire adult lives and neither can live without the other. But when Tanner makes a terrible mistake, Brook decides it’s time to live a life away from the club and away from Tanner.
His betrayal runs deep, and when the woman who caused it all reveals she’s giving Tanner the one thing Brook can’t, it pushes Brook farther away. She surrounds herself with new friends, trying hard to move on from her husband and the club.
But it’s not as easy as she thought, and she takes comfort in the fact that Tanner is hanging back in the shadows, watching her every move and refusing to give up on them.
Tanner doesn’t remember the night he destroyed his life. The only evidence is the word of a woman who insists on hanging around the club, becoming a pain in his backside and a drain on his wallet.
He doesn’t know how to be anyone other than Brook’s husband, and every breath he takes without her is painful. He refuses to give up on the love of his life, but to get her back, he needs to work out what exactly happened that night, even if it means dragging up his painful past.

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