Tangled Up With My Brother’s Best Friend by Taylor Holloway (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Tangled Up With My Brother’s Best Friend (Princes of Hollywood #4) by Taylor Holloway – Free eBooks Download


After years stuck playing the invisible girl, I finally managed to get my brother’s best friend’s attention.
All I had to do was go through puberty, bribe my roommate into doing my makeup, and stride into his Hollywood audition like I had the slightest idea what I was doing.
And for approximately five glorious minutes, my plan worked.
Holden Prince–who in addition to being a filthy rich and famous film director is also the hottest man in all creation—couldn’t stop staring at me.
After years of him being the strong, silent, sexy, utterly oblivious type, he was finally seeing me.
He wanted me, and I don’t just mean professionally.
Then he realized that I’m his best friend’s little sister, and it all went to hell in a hand-basket.
Now he thinks he needs to protect me from… himself. And all of Hollywood.
And probably puddles, crossing the street, scary dogs, and spooky ghost stories too.
My brother’s overprotective crap must’ve rubbed off.
But he doesn’t realize who he’s dealing with here.
I’m all grown up now, and this former ugly duckling is on a mission to make all my dreams come true.
Starting with making Holden Prince fall in love with me.

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