Taming Their Maiden by Demi Lane (ePUB)

taming their maiden, demi lane

Taming Their Maiden (Kavari Masters #1) by Demi Lane – Free eBooks Download


First they will tame her. Then they will breed her.

The Kavari protect Esme’s village from the beasts that roam the surrounding lands, but each year the battle-hardened barbarians come down from their mountains to demand a shameful price.
This year that price will be Esme.
Her beautiful virgin body will be examined to ensure she is suitable for breeding, then she will be given to three of their most fearsome warriors to be used and enjoyed in any way they please.
As Esme is carried off by one of the savagely sexy brutes with her own panties stuffed in her mouth to silence her protests, his dominance awakens a helpless arousal that cannot be denied or hidden, and when an attempt at escape earns her a public punishment the humiliating lesson merely increases her need to be claimed, mounted, and mercilessly ravaged by her new masters.
She can fight it all she wants, but in her heart she knows she belongs to them already…

Publisher’s Note: Taming Their Maiden includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t read this book.

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