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Taming the Playboy by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


t was the hardest time of my life when I lost my dad in an awful accident.
I move in with my best friend, Jane, and try to keep it together. Remaining in college is difficult, but I do my best not to drop out.
“You didn’t fail,” Jane tells me. “You just need a break.”
I know she’s right. And it’s a bright moment when Never Alone, a charity that helps people like me, offers to fund the legal case.
When I search the charity online, I see the founder.
Logan Locke, forty-one years old, six and a half feet tall, dripping in so much muscular steaminess I can hardly take it.
He’s an ex-football player, a philanthropist….
And a playboy.
He’s always in the tabloids, at parties with different women – models, actresses, and socialites.
Women I could never compete with, let’s face it. I’m a twenty-one-year-old college dropout with dreams of being a counselor.
Plus, I’m not built like a model or an actress. Plus, I’m also a virgin.
It’s eight months before I meet Logan – eight months of dreaming, wanting, and wondering.
And knowing he’d never want me back.
Then suddenly, he’s all over me, kissing me fiercely, telling me he only wants me, telling me it’s complicated and I’m his everything. He’s burning up with possessive and jealous heat.
But can I do it? Can I really tame the playboy?

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