Taming My Rebel by Sadie Sears (ePUB)

taming my rebel, sadie sears

Taming My Rebel (Demon Dragons of Port Lair #1) by Sadie Sears – Free eBooks Download


Bad blood? I’ve got it.
A long time ago dragons lost a war, and demons cursed us.
Now I’ve got demon blood running through my veins.
Girls. Grift. General immorality. That’s life now. Who could complain?
There’s something missing. Someone missing.
When I see Mae I know it’s her.
She’s my fated mate.
But if I try to claim her, I may lose the only pieces of my soul that I’ve got left.

Monsters are after me.
Draven says he’ll keep me safe after a monster slaughters my friends.
When I see he’s hiding a monster of his own, I should be scared.
Instead I’m intrigued.
I need him on my side.
But I want more.
Passionate kisses. His arms around me.
But he’s hotter than any man I’ve ever known.
And I’m just me. Plain. Regular. The girl no one wants.
He may be a bad boy, but he’s too good for me.
I know it’s true. So why can’t I let him go?

Demon Dragons of Port Lair features dragons on the edge of good and evil! Follow along as bad boy Draven falls for ugly duckling Mae and fights to keep his soul and his fated mate.

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