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tame me, amanda k mann

Tame Me (Forest Hollow #3) by Amanda K. Mann – Free eBooks Download


Despite being days away from giving birth, Lex was pushing herself to the absolute limit in order to save Cage. She doesn’t listen to reason and was willing to do whatever it took to get her mate back, just like he did for her.
With her new family behind her, she knew she was strong enough to face it all head-on. The only problem was: what if they were too late?
At the hands of the rogues, Cage had lost all sense of himself. He had lost his humanity, his ability to shift, and his ability to care. The man he once was, was gone leaving behind an empty, rabid husk. Even the woman they claimed to be his mate doesn’t register in his mind. If he didn’t snap out of this, he knew they were going to have to put him down. He just wasn’t sure how.
Once again, the strength of their bond is tested. Will they succeed once more or have they finally run out of chances?

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