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Talon & Claree (Rebel Guardians Next Generation) by Liberty Parker, Darlene Tallman – Free eBooks Download



When I came to live with Chief and Trinity as a teenager, I met Talon. He understood what I was feeling and going through and we became best friends. Our friendship grew and despite everyone’s best efforts, we found times to slip away and be together. All was going well until we became a teenage statistic. Now, years later, we’re still together, but his involvement with the club as a newly patched member means we’ve grown apart.

I still love him with everything I have in me, but something’s got to give. I can’t talk about it with my mom because she doesn’t understand, and I’d feel disloyal talking to his mom about him.


The first time I saw Claree, I was hooked. And even though we both knew it was wrong to sneak around, we let our hormones be our guide and well, we got caught. I’ve been prospecting for the Rebel Guardians since I was eighteen and finally earned my patch a few years ago. Life should be good…I’ve got the girl of my dreams, an awesome son, and am in a loving, family-oriented environment. But I’m always gone, learning each of the club’s businesses, and it’s put a strain on our relationship. I’m at the end of my rope and drowning the day I get that phone call only to hear her terror-filled screams before…nothing.

Talon and Claree have hit a rough patch in their young lives. Will the devastating accident be their wake-up call? Can they find their way back to what they once had, or have they lost their chance?

This book contains an HEA and is for readers over the age of 18

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