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Talia (Downeast SWAT #2) by L.J. Vickery – Free eBooks Download


On the outside, Fleet Eggers looks like an extremely competent and highly successful business man. After all, he’s run his own sound recording studio for over a dozen years. But on the inside, his confidence is nothing more than cookie crumbs. He’s been running scared from having relationships because…? Oh, yeah. There was that time, sixteen years ago, when he almost went to prison because of the woman he dared love. He’s vowed never to let that happen again.

Talia Spires is thrilled to be part of Downeast SWAT. She’s been honing her skills for almost her entire life, first as a champion for her sister, then as a valued member of the Old Town PD. What she doesn’t expect to find in her course of work is a man who rocks her world but clearly has problems with her being an alpha female. Can she change his mind about falling for a woman he obviously thinks is overbearing? She has no choice but to attempt it. She’s already half in love with him, but she’s also not about to change her true stripes for anyone. Even a luscious man conflicted.

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