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I was supposed to be in charge. That was always my intention.
Until that slick corporate raider, Ethan Bradford, clicked his fancy pen and poof! Just like that, I was under him, instead of on top.
Rich and powerful men–especially arrogant, handsome ones–are all the same.
I know exactly how to handle him, but when my father pulls rank and orders me to play nice, my plans of putting him in his place vanish.
I know his type. I’ve been around men like him my entire life, but one chance meeting with him and his son, makes me question everything I thought I knew.

When it comes to business, I always come out on top. Not even being a single dad can slow me down. I never let a good investment get away, and that includes Taylor Toys. After all, business is business, right?
How was I supposed to know a friendly meeting would set me on fire? Tara Taylor is a spoiled princess, used to getting everything she wants.
Sure, her good looks and smart mouth turn me on like nothing else. Despite her hostile stares, she triggered feelings I thought were long dead.
She dares to judge me while she stands there in her designer shoes, looking more beautiful than any marketing exec I’ve ever met. Instead of being grateful that I saved her family’s legacy, she blames me for their failure.
What was meant to be a formality turns into a game of wills.
I never lose. Except this time, I find myself wanting her more than I want to win. I find myself wanting her to take over.

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