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Taken (An Evan’s Alphas Prequel #2) by D.J. Heart – Free eBooks Download


When someone tries to kidnap his mate, Peter Tank sees red. No one messes with what’s his and gets away with it…

Chad thinks it’s a little weird when Peter sends a bodyguard to pick him up at the airport instead of one of the usual drivers, but not that weird. Peter is often a little overzealous where Chad’s safety is concerned. He’s learned how to pick his battles, and having an overqualified driver is not one of them.

Except this time Peter isn’t being overprotective. Chad is being kidnapped.
Hours later when he’s being yanked out of the car by a furious Peter, the kidnapper sitting dead in the front seat, Chad realizes that however overprotective he thought Peter was, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming…

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